1. Repost from @ohko_

  2. Happy Father’s Day, Poppa C! Your love and creative talent has had such an impact on me, and still inspires me to this day. I love you!

  3. Thank you, Ruby Dee.

  4. From one dancer to another, thank you, Ms. Angelou.

  5. @beyonce giving me my daily prescribed #808s #allonhismouthlikeliquor #took45minutestogetdressedup

  6. Egg hunt!

  7. Today’s jam #whateveryoudo #dontfwithmygroove

  8. Getting the chalice ready for Game of Thrones…

  9. Kai by @occasionalsuperstar (at The Goat Farm Arts Center)

  10. Is this the Condiments Station, or the Commandments Station? #lifebelowthemasondixon #jesusbeadrivethru (at McDonald’s)

  11. Today’s jam #king #thestory

  12. Thanks for the love, @ohko_ !

  15. Saturday fun with the cousins #popits